First blog post

Muzzy M

It is Painful when you are rejected by your friends,family. It is like the world is giving you a Reason to invisibility, the license not to give a Ish!

Death is Equivalent to Life when life is unmentioned, most Christians are hyped to speak death on you when you mess up, the scripture says, our tongues have the power of life and death, empowering and disqualifying but how often do we use it to bless someone?

I mean we out hear saying I,I,I,I when are we going to start saying “WE”

The world is Suffering because of our silence, our women end up being victims because we are SHHHHH our lives have evolved so much that we are like TV Eternal cable that can only Transmit the Picture Through SHHHHH Remember this Jesus Christ Died speaking

At first I mentioned that being rejected by family and friend is the hardest thing but then in this case God is greater than Neither, He will Never I mean Never leave you nor forsake you the Scriptures Assures us, he Created Us with a purpose filled life, even our daily Prayers and Faith are directed towards the purpose God Created us for.

Never let People’s Negative thoughts about your life hinder you from accomplishing what you desire, Dare to dream and Dare to live that Dream


It doesn’t matter

Be inspired

A positive attitude can open doors for positive opportunities. which leads to a positive life. Have you ever stopped and wondered why are you alive, why are you really here on earth, is what you doing now going to be fruitful enough for you?

Well God saw a gap in this world and when He created you to no only close that gap but excel in that space, as a business man or entrepreneur finds or identifies a gap in the market and utilize that space and excel in it. So is the purpose why you were created and why you were born at your respective times. It was never a mistake or by default.

No matter where you are in life as friend of mine say “You just are hidden, there is it not your destination. That very four roomed house you living in it is not to pull you down,  but to motivate you to be someone great”. The negative energy you have around you no matter how bad it is you can make it.weigh

Tumelo Mokwena said; ” You are pregnant with something, the manner in which you approach life must be different, because you no longer walk by yourself, you are now inheriting the presence of the Almighty, walk like a kingdom heir. don’t let anything weigh you down”.

Be willing to move TruthYou are worth it, The same way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness, He is our God.

Remember this whether you have a positive attitude or a negative attitude, Know that it comes down to you and your Choice.

There is Good in every Bad.


Never in life focus on your failures, rather focus on the one who readily forgives, As he cheers you on. Because you will never ever forget what you haven’t forgave. Failure should just be there to redirect you and motivate you to wanna try again. This also goes for prayer never I mean Never cease to pray because God cannot answer a prayer that has not been prayed.

If you keep worrying about now and what’s really gonna happen in the near future, imagine what you really missing out on, because a second in worrying is a second in unhappiness. Don’t let anything steal your joy, there are new levels of joy that we have not experienced in life.

Remember we just here to nurture and comfort others through our Lord. Therefore be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, strive until you make it, though you may fail but if your mindset is right keep it on the same level. Laugh as much as you  breath and Love as long as you live.

Good things happen everyday and to everyone it is how people handle them that makes a difference, the quote “everything will be alright”  it simply means things will not stay the same forever.

color even if it means you need to color outside the lines.

I write this to let you know that the past cannot changed, Erased or even edited but it can be accepted and used as a bridge to where you want to get. Don’t loose faith along the way, The Lord that started the good work in you, will surely finish it.

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

Life Turns

Be Inspired

Life takes it’s own turn whether you like it or not, no one was born with a GPS, only a guideline was given to us. we’ve conformed to the world that we live in, be it time, days, seasons.

As much as there different seasons here on earth same goes in our lives, we go through pain, hardship, laughter, joy. All those feelings represent a certain season in life none of us are spared from. We live to learn and we live and learn in our every day lives.

I had a manual in life with a GPS, I was traveling down the road when came across a T-Junction the GPS said turn right, I Wondered and decided to take a left because it knew that left had a short cut, but it didn’t last for long because I hit a dead end! this was 2013.

The nicest thing about having a GPS is that although you took a wrong turn it will recalculate and redirect your path. That is life and it doesn’t matter how much you have screwed up in life what matters is the direction you willing to take, whether you willing to take a U-Turn even if it can be an off-rump.

The prodigal son took all his belonging and went to spend it all in a foreign land, things were good for some time until life took a turn, what I like about that scenario is that when he came to his senses He realized that I can actually turn around and go to my fathers house. In life we hit our dead ends, and tend to just give up on the spot.

Sometimes you never know God is all you need until God is all you have. Ignorance of purpose does not cancel purpose. Where ever purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable. you’d be surprised at what we can abuse. Take chains off your brain and your heart. You are free- Free to be whatever that God created you to be.

Take life everyday as a blessing and whatever that the other person is saying let it not affect you, it is just the reflection of they think you are, not what you really are. Take this at heart and understand that you may be here today but tomorrow you can be somewhere else, trust God always.

Though life can be difficult and hard at times. You can make it if you try.

Life is Purpose

All those before us have paved the way for us to come to this appointed time, that includes God, Our Parents/ Guardians, our Teachers and Elders in our respective communities. Now it is time for us to pave a way for the generation after us.

But how can we do that while there are stories about killing of women, killing of Children, Abuse of power shown by Men. The same power and authority we have been given in the beginning by God to protect our women, our land. What has this world turned to, Are we really failing the plan That God has instructed to us?

I mean all of us have been given different purposes and special gift, why are we as men taking that away from others who may be weak before our eyes. We never know that Young Boy, Young Girl who spend their entire childhood being abused, was suppose to bring change or invent something that will bring life to our daily dying Earth.

Let us stop being man pleasers and please God, by setting a good example to everyone whether it’s the same gender or not let us respect this time we have been graced with. Remember there is time and place for everything as long as we are in this Earth.

The best way to say Thank you to The Almighty is by using those gifts to benefit all of us as far as possible, if we misuse the God given power/Authority what are instilling in the mind of a Young boy who is looking up to you as a father or role model in the community?

Christ Jesus made it clear that He intends that His Joy be our Joy. Just imagine having the Joy of the heavens within you, we can sure get to that stage when we don’t get caught up in the how’s, when’s and why’s of this world; just get caught up in trusting God that’s it.  Let’s treat each other with Love and stop treating each other like Humans that we are.

Our walk with Christ i a journey and a process of discovery about just how great is our God.



Some of us need to stop asking God why He made us like we are and start to rejoice in His perfect creation. God loves us too much to leave us at a state he found us in. In this case do not ask the Lord to lead your footsteps, if you are not willing to move your feet.

Purpose gives birth to hope and instills the passion to act on what God has already plan for us to accomplish. For some of us God will put a dream to awaken our spirit. That dream will eventually chase you until you allow it to become a vision. Has God ever put a thought or idea in your head and your creative mind just spring forth with every walking movement. Don’t worry about the work that God is Doing in someone else’s life. let Him do His precious work in yours.

Don’t let you mind get in the way of what can do, whatever God ask us to do in life, it is for our own good, you may not understand it at first but be grateful that he uses you because the devil has a plan for our lives: to steal, kill and destroy.

Decide today that you won’t give up on your dreams and desires, keep pressing on and believing that you are anointed and empowered for such. because a thousand disappointments in the past cannot equal the power of one positive action right now. go ahead and go for it, still remembering that whatever that you do in life reflects what you want to achieve. be inspired.

Always thank the Lord for His word, it is truly the Bread of Life.

Worry no more

Muzzy M

Before I bring my cares I will lift my hands, before I can bend my knees I will bring my heart. Because while they looking at the outside God is busy with the Heart.

Why make everything complicated, you worry and you see only the worst case scenario, instead of keeping it simple and positive. Sometimes you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart, not in your life.

Your hardest time often lead to the greatest moments of your life, keep the faith it will be worth it at the end! take life day by day and be grateful for the little things. Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control. Focus on the Positive never mind the negativity of this world.

Life can really Teach you things or make you go through things you never thought you will go through or will ever happen to you, it’s never by choice or sometimes situations just get out of hand, but as a saying goes “Life is like a roller-coaster”, it flips and turns and whether you crash or land, there is always a direction you need to take. Worry no more for worrying will only just steal your happiness be it a second or hours, rather make use of that God given time to focus on what you can do to change or better the current situation.

Most importantly keep the faith going it’s really never by default that you happen to be alive and breathing at the same time as the rest of us, though your bloodline may not support you find someone out there whose going to be a key to you being whose going to not only hold you by hand but motivate you in every way possible.

In doing so protect your good image from the eyes of negative viewers, who may look at your good appearance with an ugly fiedish eye and ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues.

The difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is your attitude, Your faith has to be greater than your fear.

Never feel Confused

Muzzy M

The Minute we start feeling confused, that’s when we  need to back off, God is not the author of confusion. We have been given the spirit of truth the spirit of boldness the spirit of Love. It is true in Life there are challenges and there are obstacles  “but there is a spirit in man: and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them Understanding” (Job 32:8), For no one can lay a foundation other than the one that has been laid as Foundation (Jesus Christ).

Often we say, we want to be about God ‘s purpose for our lives. I think most of us believe that until our flesh gets in the way. We are often offered different paths and that comes with a price because if you give the devil attention, he will give you direction and the further you get away from your purpose in Christ the more life will harden. But remember in Christ the end is just the beginning, were knowledge meet it’s dead End! Christ’s Supernatural begins Never loose Hope, Never feel Confused.

God said in Isaiah 43:19 “behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth, shall ye not know it?” get Ready get Ready, for you day has come.Your moment to be Redirected from confusion to  Purpose.

The devil is always trying to tell us what we can’t do. God says we can do all through Christ who strengthens us, therefore when we put our faith in the hands of the Lord I know I have nothing to worry about. You don’t try faith you do faith.

Christ set u free to remain free. so stand firm and don’t again be tangled in the yoke of slavery- Galatians 5:1

Glory to God, for He is Good and His mercies endures forever.